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Zarrin Tasneem

GIS/LiDAR Manager & Research Assistant
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Zarrin has received her bachelor’s degree in Geomatics/Geography from University of Waterloo where she has learned various course related to geospatial analysis. Her experience with Teledyne Optech gave her the opportunity to apply her knowledge of geospatial analysis in the real world of application. As a true professional, she is capable of applying her knowledge and skills towards the various areas of geospatial analysis.

Relevant Projects:
Flood Risk and Susceptibility for Town Morris in Manitoba

Used SQL and ArcGIS to build a database and Geodatabase of the acquired data, and performed operations to acquire the appropriate information.

Used various tools and analysis approaches such as the multi-criteria analysis and hydrologic model for creation of a 3D model of the flood risk

Digitized images using various tools in ArcGIS in order to outline the solution on the map

Provided suggestions on how to reduce flood risk in the Town of Morris in Manitoba

Sea Ice Analysis and Polar Bear Vulnerability

Used the ENVI software to classify the different sea ice types to better visualize the sea ice types

Used ENVI and another remote sensing software to determine the breakup and freeze up times and to classify the sea ice based on the breakup and freeze up times

Analyzed the reduction in sea ice for the evaluation of increasing polar bear vulnerability.




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