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Research Assistant  University of Waterloo

1. Wrote Research Methods and Data collection and

    processing methods for a research paper.

2. Writing Thesis Proposal on automated feature

     extraction using LiDAR Point clouds.

3. Writing Literature Review on automated feature

    extraction using LiDAR Point clouds.

Big Data Analyst

Spire Global

  • Led data analysis for Spire Maritime Government team, analyzing maritime patterns & behaviors using PostGreSQL & Spire Shipview

  • Developed reports, dashboards & customer-specific briefings to highlight Spire RFGL data, enabling detailed maritime situational awareness analysis

  • Lead the data analysis function within the Spire Maritime Government team

  • Explore, analyze, and report on maritime activities using existing data products and services

  • Analyzing Spire Radio Frequency Geolocation (RFGL) data for coverage, quality, and identify maritime patterns/behaviours

  • Building reports, customized customer-specific briefing documents, and dashboards to highlight the Spire RFGL data and end-user use cases

  • Detailed maritime situational awareness analysis of RFGL in customer specific areas of interest

  • Research, analysis, and testing of new and/or updated data sources, products, and services

  • Support product marketing efforts by helping to find and analyze maritime stories, media requests, and serve as a data thought leader within the Spire Maritime Government group

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