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Work Experience (Cont.)

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LiDAR Analyst | Designer
Groma Technical Services

  • Land feature extraction and design- Topodot 

  • Design and extracting features of bridges and rails 

  • Design and feature extraction of buildings 

  • Extracting lowest ground points 

  • Data quality check comparing bad and good sensor 

  • Classifying Las Files for appropriate display 

  • Labelling land and city features 

  • Labelling, fixing and cleaning up bridge structure 

  • Tree inventory analysis and organization 

  • Look at bridge structure and finding distances and angles 

  • Produce LAS files using ScanLook, check and fix control points 

  • Creating an event file 

  • Handling large amounts of data 

  • Creating trajectory file (SBET) 

  • Using AutoCAD to delete duplicate points, labelling and layer editing    

  • Boresight and RMSE calculations 

  • Preprocess data 

  • Performed volume calculations 

  • Created elevation and contour maps 

  • Wrote reports on the volume calculations 

  • AutoCAD Recap- Look at the design of the open joist lines and cross beams in the point clouds more in detail 

  • Measuring the distance between the open joist lines and the ceiling 

  • Creating ground points for a bridge 

  • QT Reader- Pinning points and doing it efficiently using locational 

        values such as latitude and longitude values 

  • Global Mapper- to check for distance between the point in the LAS files and the control points 

  • Data quality check, comparing bad and good sensor 

  • Microsoft Excel- Deleting duplicate values

  • Highlighting duplicate values or values that are needed 


LiDAR Data Analyst
Aethon Aerial Solutions

  •  Adding voltage values in one layer based on another layer    

  • Quality check of sensors using GUI      

  • Adding caternary wires to misclassified files 

  • Checking span reports 

  • Creating caternary shapefiles 

  • Alignment fixes of spans using Global Mapper 

  • Voltage association using Global Mapper 

  • PDF Reports and Excel Spreadsheets 

  • Handling large amounts of data 

  • Used a tool to create caternary wires   

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