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The Full Story

Work Experience (Cont.)

Welcome to my work experience 


LiDAR Specialist
Measurement Sciences Inc

  • Figured how to create waterline using ArcGIS Pro

  • Created workflow for creating waterline using ArcGIS Pro

  • Created a tutorial video to create waterline

  • Created a manual to create waterline

  • Created sample outputs of waterline

  • Creating flight line shapefiles out of points from KML files using ArcGIS Pro and Global Mapper

  • Creating .las output from Spatial Explorer

  • Terrasolid and Spatix

  • Rinex converter

  • Excel and macros to automate some of the workflow

  • Notepad ++ for creating columns

  • Fitting check using Global Mapper

  • Microsoft Excel- Text to Column, macros, add-ins, developer kit

  • GPS-H

  • Inertial Explorer- Processing data

Customer Support Advisor | LiDAR Survey Engineer 
Teledyne Optech

  • Trajectory creation using POSPAC
    Data analysis and calibration using Lidar Mapping Suite
    Removing noise in the data using LMS
    Analyzing Polaris log files to debug the Polaris system
    Analyzing the CL-360 log files to debug the CL-360
    Scan preregistration in Atlascan
    Creating meshes and doing volume calculations in Atlascan
    Data analysis using terrascan/terrasolid
    Data analysis using QT modeler
    Data analysis using Global Mapper
    Data analysis using Atlascan
    Data analysis using QGIS
    Flight planning using airborne mission manager
    Analysis of log files using FMS Nav and Sim
    License creation using vendor suite
    Ticket creation using Syspro CRM
    Ticket creation using SAP
    Creating and resolving ticket using Jira Service Desk
    Creating and sharing manuals and articles using Confluence and Knowledge-base
    Dashboard creation using Jira Service Desk
    Creating RMAs
    Creating Material Requisition and Shipping forms
    Data collection using Polaris system
    Data collection using Galaxy system
    Data analysis from CL-360 system using LMS
    Firmware update in Polaris
    Firmware update in Galaxy
    Firmware update in CL-360
    Debugging LMS software
    Testing LMS software
    Testing AMM software
    Requesting software feature updates in LMS
    Requesting software feature updates in Atlascan to third party company
    Following up with the engineers about the repair of each system
    Helping clients with calibrating their Lidar data
    Providing technical and customer service to clients
    Analyzing airborne data
    Providing internal training to coworkers on LMS and POSPAC
    Providing training to clients on POSPAC and LMS
    Providing training to clients on Polaris, Atlascan and marine applications of Polaris
    Working with IX Capture, EXIF logs and PhaseOne cameras
    Providing PhaseOne camera support to clients 
    Recalling the cameras and providing camera calibration reports to clients
    Working with SCADA and RTLiDAR
    Analyzing PhaseOne camera images to resolve their issues
    Fixing instrument files to help with client issues
    On-Call after hours

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