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  • The uses of LiDAR for various kinds of development purposes has been such a prevalent topic in modern society, especially in the late 2020s.​

  • One such application is the classification of landcover, as well as features, in order to better assist with land development and planning (Jing, et. Al, 2021).​

  • There are multiple multispectral LiDAR hardware, which can gather point cloud data with multi-wavelength intensities at the same time​

  • In December 2014, Teledyne Optech, located in Toronto, Ontario, launched the very first commercial multispectral LiDAR system, which has three wavelengths of 532nm, 1064nm and 1550nm (Jing, et. Al, 2021).​

  • A multispectral LiDAR system collects multi-wavelength spectral datasets at the same time, as the 3-D spatial data, which provides attributes from multiple features to the targets of interest.​

  • Various studies have shown that multispectral LiDAR point clouds obtained accurate classification of information in fine detail (Jing, et. Al, 2021).​

  • PointNet++, which is a hierarchical structure of PointNet, can extract regional features, as well as handle points, which are unevenly sampled through multi-scale grouping (MSG), allowing it to improve the robustness of the model (Jing, et. Al, 2021).​

  • The features, which are trained and learned by the PointNet++ have some channels, which are ineffective, costing heavy computational resources and resulting in a lower classification accuracy.​

  • To enhance important channels and subdue other channels, which are inaccurate for prediction, a Squeeze and Excitation block (SE-block) is integrated into the PointNet++, which is called SE-PointNet++ (Jing, et. Al, 2021).​

  • The popular end-to-end SE-PointNet++ method was suggested for conducting the point-wise multispectral LiDAR point cloud classification​

  • Peterborough is one such rural town, that requires more land development work and expansion of the area, so more people can migrate there, and businesses can thrive, as a result, which is why the study is being conducted in that city.​

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